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sistema virtual surround 2.1- 120W - Dolby Digital decoder - DTS
TruSurround™ - Remote control - cabinet HDF porta fino a 40 kg -
Subwoofer integrato - LED Display - LipSync - Virtual surround
sound & stereo playback - dim. LxHxP 55 x 6.4 x 9 cm


The DM 5 is a one-piece soundbar that improves the sound of your TV, so you can enjoy your favorite movies in top sound quality. Via our Virtual Surround technology, dialogues and homecinema effects are clear and powerful. The compact soundbar is so versatile, it can be placed nearly everywhere whether it’s in front of the TV, in a shelf or thanks to the integrated wallmount it can be mounted to the wall.
The installation of DM 5 couldn't be easier - Simply connect the DM 5 to your flat-TV with one audio cable (optical, digital chinch or analogue chinch) and the DM 5 automatically knows which input you’ve used. The automatic on and off switch guarantees, that the soundbar automatically turns on / off as soon as the flat-TV is turned on / off. Another comfortable feature is the regulation of the DM 5 with the TV-remote - you just need one remote control to operate sound and vision.
Cabinet and Features
In the spacesaving and stabile HDF-cabinet with elegant glass surface, the DM 5 fits to every design of modern TVs. Alongside the optical digital input that makes it easy to connect with the flat screen television, the DM system has a coaxial digital input and an analogue cinch input. If required an external subwoofer can be operated using the Sub-Out output. Thanks to the Bluetooth® interface and easy-pairing function, the DM 5 also masters the world of smart phones and tablet PCs. As a high quality Bluetooth® loudspeaker it also ensures loss-free transmission using apt-X® technology.
Further Functions:
Voice Function – Better speech intellegibility in stereo & surround
Hotel Mode – Setting maximum volume (hotels/children)
ECO Mode – Optional energy saving mode (ON/OFF)
Bluetooth® Select – Automatically selects Bluetooth® Input
IR-Learn Function – Controlled with either TV or system remote control
IR-Delete Function – simple to delete unwanted learn functions
Input Direct Option – ideal for system remote control functions
Lip-Sync – for precise speech/image synchronisation
Equalizer – Three presets for adjustment to the location
Easy-Pairing – Simple connection to source device
ON/OFF – Automatic on and off switch
Product Data
2.1 Virtual Surround System
Engineering Principle
Broadband bass reflex system with passive membrane
120 watts
Frequency response
40...23.000 Hz
2 x 87 mm x 46 mm, metal, wavesurround (passive)
2 x 3.4" x 1.8", metal, wavesurround (passive)
4 x 51 mm (cellulose graphit), Broadband chassis
4 x 2" (cellulose graphit)
1 analog Input (chinch)
1 Bluetooth® 3.0 interface (apt-X® codec)
1 digital Input (coaxial)
1 digital Input (optical)
1 Sub Out
bass and treble control
Dolby Digital decoder
DTS TruSurround™
Remote control
HDF cabinet, bears a weight up to 40 kg (high density fiberboard)
integrated Subwoofer
LED Display
LipSync function for exact speech synchronization
Virtual surround sound & stereo playback
Special Features
simple one-cable installation - just one cable to your TV and one cable for power
IR-learn-function - controllable with TV-remote
Voice function - better language playing in Stereo & Surround
Automatic on/off switch with TV
Hotel Mode - setting of maximum level (hotels / children)
ECO Mode - selectable power save mode (On/Off)
Bluetooth Select - automatic selection of bluetooth input
IR-delete-function - simple deleting of unwanted learnfunctions
Direct input selection - ideal learnable smart remotes
Lip-Sync - for exact speech synchronization
Equalizer - 3 Presets to adjust the acoustics to the setup location
Easy-Pairing - easiest connection with source device
2 years
Dimensions (WxHxD)
55 x 6,4 x 9 cm
(21.7'' x 2.5'' x 3.5'')
3.0 kg
Power consumption
0.38 watts
Carton Content
Canton DM 5
Remote control
Power cord
Optical digital audio cable
Coaxial digital audio cable
Analogue stereo audio cable